Understanding Your Bill

Health insurance bills and claims can be very confusing. We are here to help you understand the billing process and to assist you in correcting any errors made by your insurance company or errors with your bill. ER Now​ is committed to assisting you with any issues that may arise from your insurance carrier regarding the services that you receive.

ER Now is a licensed emergency facility, and as such, we bill accordingly. If you have insurance, two claims will be sent to your insurance company for your visit: one for the facility charge (Wichita Falls Emergency Center) and one for the physician charges (Wichita Falls Physician Billing Services). Ultimately, your insurance company dictates what your out-of-pocket expense for an emergency room visit will be.

  • Emergency services are to be paid based on your in-network coverage, regardless of ER Now's relationship with your insurance provider. This safeguards you so you are not searching for an in-network provider when you need care now. Insurance Code law can be found here.
  • If your insurance company incorrectly processed your claim as out-of-network, contact our billing department. We will work with you to file an appeal. However, as the patient, you are instrumental in helping us resolve any issues. We encourage you to also contact your insurance company. Insurance companies must abide by the law and reimburse claims to the degree specified by your health insurance plan.
  • The appeals process takes time, but it should be initiated as soon as you discover a problem. If an issue arises, contact us immediately to understand how the claim was processed and what you can do to help resolve the issue.

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    HB 2041 Disclosure

    ER Now and Wichita Falls Emergency Center is not in-network with any benefit plans. ER Now and Wichita Falls Emergency Center will work with your insurer to file a claim on your behalf and use all reasonable and lawful efforts to ensure your insurer reimburses at the highest level of benefits in accordance with state and federal law and your specific benefit plan. This facility charges a facility fee for medical treatment. In addition, should it be necessary; This facility charges an observation fee for medical treatment.​

    You can find more information on ER Now and Wichita Falls Emergency Center fees here.​

    ER Now y el Centro de Emergencias Wichita Falls no son participantes en ninguna red con planes de beneficios. ER Now y El Centro de Emergencias Wichita Falls trabajaran junto con su aseguranza al presenter un reclamo de seguro en su nombre. Usaremos todos los esfuerzos legales y razonables para asi obtener el maximo reembolso possible de acuerdo a los beneficios otorgadas por las leyes estatales y federales y tambien de acuerdo a su plan de beneficios particular. Esta instalación cobra una tarifa de instalación por el tratamiento médico. Además, si fuera necesario; Esta instalación cobra una tarifa de observación por el tratamiento médico.

    ​Puede encontrar más información sobre las tarifas de ER Now y Wichita Falls Emergency Center aquí.

    Reimbursement of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19

    Pursuant to section 6001 of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (the "FFCRA") as amended by Sections 3201 and 3202 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the "CARES Act") specifically as the foregoing relate to the provision and reimbursement of orders for and or administration of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 (collectively, "COVID-19) in vitro diagnostic tests (including serological tests used to detect COVID-19 antibodies) as well as the provision and reimbursement of items and services furnished to individuals during visits that result in an order for, or administration of a COVID-19 in vitro diagnostic test(s) and or the provision and reimbursement of services related to the evaluation of such individuals by the attending healthcare provider for purposes of determining the need for the product or service in question, below is a link to the lists by provider of CPT codes and associated cash prices required by section 3202 (b) of the CARES Act related to the foregoing COVID-19 in vitro diagnostic testing services as well as said related items and services.